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Other Materials

Sold by our tractor scoop, which covers approx. 100 square feet, 2 inches deep. We carry up to 8 scoops of these materials per delivery. We strongly recommend using landscape fabric.

Fill Sand/Fill Dirt

Clean Fill Sand (Fill Dirt) $35

• use for filling in holes or low areas, NOT for planting into by itself
• if you want to plant, see our soil amendments page

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite (DG) $60

• great for compacted natural pathways or for under artificial turf

Gold Crusher Fines

Gold Crusher Fines $75

• compacts like the DG but is more decorative

Washed Plaster Sand

Washed Sand $60

• great for sandboxes or under above-ground pools

Natural Aggregate Base (Class 2)

Natural Aggregate Base
(Class 2) $50

3/8 Inch Concrete Mix

3/8" Cement Mix $70

Water districts may offer "Cash for Grass" rebate programs due to the drought and mandatory watering restrictions. See The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's Being Waterwise turf-replacement webpage, the California Water Service, LA County Waterworks District, LA Dept. of Water and Power, Palmdale Water District, and Quartz Hill Water District for more information on these rebates.

Our clean fill sand (sometimes called fill dirt) is perfect for filling in low spots or other functions where you DON'T need a soil amendment for growing plants. If you're looking to plant something, go to our soil amendments page for the right materials.

Decomposed granite (DG) is a naturally ocurring material (unlike the crusher fines) consisting of varying size particles and has very good compression. Our DG is a light cream/off-white color. DG is commonly used for walkways or paths where a natural appearance is desired; for filling-in-between flagstone; or for placing underneath artificial turf/grass.

The Gold Crusher Fines are a great alternative to DG if you are looking for something more decorative. It is derived from our California Gold rock, which can be found on our decorative rocks page.

Our washed sand is very similar to beach sand and is great for sandboxes or for putting under above-ground pools.

Natural aggregate base (Class 2) meets Caltrans specifications for an aggregate base under road surfaces. It can be used for the top of an unpaved road surface.

Our 3/8" Cement Mix (50% 3/8" Pea Gravel, 50% Washed Concrete Sand) is a convenient way to get your concrete project completed quickly. You'll have to figure out how much concrete you'll need, however.

We strongly recommend laying down landscape fabric to help prevent weed seed from getting into the soil underneath your landscaping materials, and to help prevent the landscaping materials from sinking into the soil.

We can carry up to 8 skips (tractor scoops) of the cement mix, aggregate base, washed sand, fill sand, crushing fines, or decomposed granite (DG) per delivery. Each skip of these materials covers approximately 100 square feet, two inches deep.

If you need 2700 square feet or more of coverage, see our semi-truck load page for details of this volume discount.

We have tried to ensure that the colors/size in the pictures match the colors/size of our material; if you have a question about a material's colors/size, we urge you to visit our yard and see it yourself.