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Soil Amendments

Sold by our tractor scoop, which covers approx. 160 sq. feet, 2 inches deep (a cubic yard). We carry up to 10 cubic yards of our soils per delivery. Our products do not have any horse or cow manure.


Organic Compost $45
(weed-free, low saline,
meets USDA Organic standards)
(best quality compost
in the AV, if not
all of California)

Planter's Mix

Planter's Mix $45
(50/50 mix of our OMRI-listed
organic compost and our clean fill sand)


Humus $45
(organic matter, wood shavings
(as a seed topper, covers
approx. 2000 sq. ft.
at 1/8th inch w/roller)

Adding soil amendments, such as our top-quality OMRI-listed organic compost and our humus, to the native desert ground in the Antelope Valley is necessary to save and retain water in the ground while giving your plants the organic materials and nutrients needed to flourish. We've travelled outside of the Antelope Valley to procure our top-quality organic compost and humus because we want products that work for our customers.

Use our organic compost to mix into your existing dirt when you need to retain water and provide structure to your soil.

Our humus is also excellent for water retention and saving, but also adds a wealth of nutrients to your existing soil to help your plants grow. Use it sparingly, and mix it well with your existing soil; it is very strong. Used as a seed topper, one cubic yard will cover approximately 2000 sq. ft. at roughly an eighth of an inch deep.

Use our 50% organic compost, 50% fill sand planter mix for ready-made planter applications. To figure how much you need, just multiply the length by width by depth in feet and divide by 27. For example, if your above-ground planter is 20 ft long x 6 ft wide x 2 ft deep, you'll need just under 9 yards.

We can carry up to 10 cubic yards of these materials per delivery. Each cubic yard of these materials covers approximately 160 square feet, two inches deep.

We have tried to ensure that the colors in the pictures match the color of our material, but if you have a question as to the material's color, we urge you to visit our yard.